EPISODE #9 – Love Letters from Vietnam

Here’s Episode 9 of For The Sender: Love Letters from Vietnam, which is the true story with a soundtrack of an incredible correspondence into the past between a daughter in the present and her dad, who was a sergeant stationed in Vietnam in 1968.

This story has been unfolding week by week, so if this is your first time listening, you can go to forthesender.com/podcast to check out all the previous episodes just by going to forthesender.com, scroll down to podcast, and click on it, and you can listen to everything. We’re pretty deep in the thick of things now, with Jennifer writing her dad letters in heaven and imagining what he’d say back to her, with these songs we wrote woven through the letters, and taking over the letters? so I really hope you’ll go back and check out those previous episodes, because I think this is a story of service and sacrifice and redemption and forgiveness worth telling and hearing.

Also woven through this father and daughter correspondence is my own journey of discovery, and in the last few episodes, I’ve walked you through the creative process of writing the book and songs, and what I was thinking at certain points. And you seem to dig that, so we’ll keep it going.

We’ll start with the next letter that Jennifer has written to her dad, wherever he is, and the song about that letter. In this letter, Jennifer starts to hit her stride in her healing process but still has some pretty big questions that she hopes her dad can help answer.

And we’ll end with me almost losing what I love more than anything.

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