Love Is (Not A Feeling)

A man carries his dying friend home over the rocks. A boy takes a bullet for his classmates. A father with brain cancer champions his son’s dream. A rescued horse helps an autistic child fly.

Join Alex Woodard as he weaves his own journey through these true stories, told in the letters he receives and songs he writes as he travels from the congested confines of Southern California to the wide open wild skies of Southern Idaho.

Along the way, he finds an unlikely teacher in a horse with a troubled past, a past that has left the kind of deep, open wounds that can’t always be healed. Through his struggle to honor and bury the horse’s history in the daily soil of new beginnings, they both find that true love may be found not in what we think or feel, but in what we do for each other.

Accompanying the book is an album of thirteen songs inspired by the heartfelt letters, which Billboard Magazine is already describing as “one of the year’s most touching, unique releases.” The collection of songs, produced by Woodard and mixed by Grammy-winning engineer David Thoener, feature contributions from Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory), Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters, The Wallflowers), Molly Jenson, and legendary songwriter Jack Tempchin (‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ and other Eagles’ hits).

The album is included with the book, and the songs are also available separately on iTunes.
“These songs and stories are less about loss,” Woodard says, “and more about the extraordinary things that can happen in ordinary moments when love looks like an action, not a feeling. There’s some kind of resurrection born in these small things we do for each other, and this chance to start over in every moment is the thread running through the letters, stories, and songs.”

Proceeds generated by the songs from each letter go to a cause of the sender’s choice.