[ Two Soldiers, Two Wars, Four Decades… and One Ocean. ]

For The Sender: Love Letters from Vietnam is a true story told week by week about an incredible correspondence into the past between a daughter, Jennifer, and her dad, Sergeant John Fuller, who was stationed in Vietnam in 1968. If this is your first time listening, PLEASE check out the previous episodes first, since the story unfolds sequentially, one episode after another and things will make a lot more sense once you’re into the flow. You can find those episodes by going to, scrolling down, and clicking on ‘podcast.’ You can also find them at, or subscribe to the For The Sender podcast on iTunes.

So why was Jennifer sending these letters back in time? Why not write to her dad now, in the present? Did something happen to him?

I start to uncover some answers to those questions in Episode 3, which begins with another letter sent back in time from Jennifer to her dad. You’ll hear her real voice, just like the other episodes, and the voice of her brother as her dad. But why isn’t her dad reading his own letters for this podcast?

You’re going to find out over the next few episodes.

But first, we need to get two veterans who are wars and decades and countries apart into the water together. One veteran you’ve already met, the other one is knocking on the door now, surfboard in hand.


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